Month: March 2018

Another Whipsaw Kinda Day

March 27th, 2018 I am writing this blog a little early (11 am PST), mainly because I am done for the day. Made a few trades shorting ES overnight, got 6 ticks, and again during RTH (Regular Trading Hour), I sold some ES Naked call options March 29th strike 2715-2720 (closed already for 50% gain) […]

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FOMO Much?

Daily Blog 3/26/2018 So, last Friday, it’s as if Armageddon was upon us. NQ (QQQ), YM (DIA) and ES (SPY) all printed around 2% losses. So, over the weekend I couldn’t stop refreshing my twitter feed, to gauge the sentiment, and ‘oh boy’ was it bearish. I even saw a few perma-bulls, willing to short […]

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Don’t Expect a Hand Out In This Market

March 22nd 2018 If you trading for a living as I and my online chatroom friends (Pete, Ilja, Caleb, Vinny) do, what do you expect to gain on a day like today? Certainly, as daytraders were all busy finding bottoms from the technical breaks, taking small wins in a seemingly endless sea of red ticker. […]

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