What you get with us

  • Weekly video and Blog

    • Weekly videos of what we are trading, our views of the market for the upcoming trading week and important market insight.
  • DOM/Price Ladder

    • These videos will explain price action, demonstrate order flow, teach you to recognize pattern and improve your MAE MFE
  • Market/Volume Profile

    • How to read a Profile in context
      • Increase your understanding of:
        • Distribution Types
        • Value Areas
        • Initiating activity areas
        • Responsive activity
  • Central Bank Trading

    • How to trade a G4/7 CB risk event
      • Interpret central bank communication
      • Understand changes in their statements
      • Prepare for changes in those meetings
      • Select the best market to trade
  • Trader platform

    • Learn how professionals set-up their trading and analysis screens to ensure they have maximum efficiency
  • Technical analysis

    • View the analysis and opinions from us. See how we view the market from an intraday perspective.
  • Trader Research

    • Read our opinions to enhance your understanding of the current fundamentals and how they affect pricing and where the next trade opportunity lies in
  • Trade Set-ups

    • View our favorite se-ups, fully backtested and researched across multiple products.
  • Algo Trading

    • Look us over the shoulder how we create algos, backtest them and how we manage current Algos in live markets around the clock and around the world. Link
  • Daily Live Streams

    • See and hear what we are thinking right now and how we are going to profit from the trading day ahead
    • Debriefs held at the end of day take you through the day’s events and significant market moves. Discuss with us where opportunities were missed and how to improve for the following trading day.
  • Live technical analysis

    • Using proven and brought based accepted techniques and with a high degree of accuracy. See how we envisage the day unfolding live
  • Live Fundamental analysis

    • Be with us on the cutting edge of what Fundamental events will drive markets next.
    • Our preparation for these events are geared around developing the correct trade strategy so as to maximize trading profits from a host of possible market outcomes.
  • Special events live stream

    • See how we prepare for major market moving events (Brexit…). Watch how we create a trading plan for those events which likely cause volatility and therefore profit making opportunity.
  • Training Sessions

    • Trading Simulator across all the major (futures) exchanges (NASDAQ, NYSE, CBOE, CBOT, CME, COMEX, NYMEX, ICE-USA, TSX, EUREX, EURONEXT, ICEEUR, OMX, SIX, ASX, BSE, FTSE, HKEX, HSI, MYX, SGX)

Contact Mail: support@Traderinput.com

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