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Bitcoin and Blockchain an Explainer

When Bitcoin broke into public consciousness in 2013, it couldn’t have been sexier: a digital currency being used to buy everything from drugs to cupcakes. Bitcoin’s wild price ride — soaring up in late 2017 only to fall steadily back down this year — was also pretty exciting, even if the swings made its use as an everyday […]

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Asia FX Market Prep for Monday the 27th of April

The dollar was little changed Friday, leaving it up for the week, as stocks climbed and U.S. President Donald Trump signed a $484 billion spending package to bolster the economy. The euro was the best performer among Group-of-10 currencies, while the Canadian dollar lagged even as oil rebounded. Long-term Treasury yields fell as the Federal […]

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Trader Chat Earning Coverage 24th of April

Earnings: Blackstone, Lilly, Union Pacific 18:13KEY TAKEAWAYS from the post-market earnings: Intel Corp. withdrew its full-year sales forecast, citing “significant economic uncertainty” caused by the Covid-19 pandemic. Shares dived lower in post-market trading even though first-quarter revenue and adjusted profit topped estimates. During the call, the company said it expected strong demand from cloud companies […]

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Coronavirus Drugs, Vaccine Take Time, Face Skepticism

Because the coronavirus responsible for the Covid-19 pandemic is new to humans, doctors lack vaccines to prevent it and proven medicines to treat it. Researchers and companies are scrambling to fill the void. In normal times, the process of approving new drugs is slow and painstaking. It can be accelerated in times of crisis such as these, […]

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How the Pandemic Fuels U.S. Debate Over Immigration

Long before the U.S. tightened its borders to slow the spread of the novel coronavirus, as many countries did, President Donald Trump set about reshaping America’s immigration system with a nationalist and isolationist bent. Promises to crack down on illegal immigration and erect a wall along the Mexican border formed the centerpiece of his election campaign in […]

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The Two Kinds of Virus Tests That Can Save Us. Or Not

The power of the coronavirus is not that it’s particularly lethal or especially easy to catch from someone else, but rather that it’s stealthy. Infected people can pass it on to others before they realize they’re sick, or even if they never develop symptoms at all, making them unwitting spreaders. The defense against the virus’s […]

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‘Term Premia’ Shrank; Now Virus Shrinks Them More

The financial world had already gotten used to many long-held norms being upended after the 2008 financial crisis before the 2020 pandemic knocked even more things offsides. Among them: term premia, or the bonuses that investors traditionally received for the added risk of owning longer-term bonds. For most of the four years ending in December 2019, […]

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How a Deluge of Downgrades Could Sink the CLO Market

It takes a large dose of Wall Street alchemy to create the structured finance products known as CLOs, which fund much of corporate America. So collateralized loan obligations naturally came under particular scrutiny as the scale of the coronavirus pandemic became clear in March. Since then, many pockets of the financial markets have rebounded feverishly. But CLO […]

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Oil for Less Than Nothing? Here’s How That Happened

April 20, 2020 will go down in oil-market history as the day when the U.S. benchmark price for crude dropped below zero for the first time — and then kept falling. In a massive and unprecedented swing, the future contracts for May delivery of West Texas Intermediate tumbled to minus $37.63 a barrel. The jaw-dropping development was […]

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