Traderinput has been at the forefront of training and financially backing successful traders. Our Account Funding programmes take place on our trading floors or online on our Virtual Trading Floor.

If you are an experienced Trader or Investor looking for a new, professional environment in which to implement your proven strategy, then we would be eager to hear from you. Whether you are seeking to be part-backed or fully-backed by us, we have the experience and facilities to satisfy your requirements.


You need to be personable and disciplined, you need to be seriously ambitious, and you need to be incredibly competitive. Our admission criteria are high, numbers are limited and competition is fierce but Traderinput thrives on meeting and backing high caliber, determined and bold applicants. You don't need to have a audited statement but you need to have a proofen strategy.

Submit your Application to:


Use your application to tell us more about you and what makes you stand out. Include a 400 word motivational statement alongside your academic grades and work experience. Explain why do you want to work with or at Traderinput? Why are you interested in the discretionary or/and algorithmic trading? What makes you different to other applicants? Finally explain and prove to us your strategy.
We evaluate applications throughout the year, which means you may hear back at different times. We will reach out thru Mail or by Phone. If your application is selected, you will be asked to participate in video interview, which will take approximately 60-90 minutes. If its successful you’ll be invited to sign a non-disclosure agreement and a day of in-person interview.
After you joined the Team we equip you with the tools, resources and support you need to comfortably integrate into the fund. If requested you receive a Signing-Bonus upfront. You own your own Trading-Desk or we provide you with everything you ask for. If you work remotely we will deliver everything to your requested location.