1. The Bible for Traders – a must read for every Trader: “Mind Over Markets" -> click here Link to Amazon 
  2. The Drama Of The Gifted Child by Alice Miller Audiobook on YouTube
  3. Mark Douglas Trading in the Zone (Amazon Link: http://amzn.eu/41E8uVI) Audiobook on YouTube
  4. Principles
  5. The Red Lion – The Elixir of Eternal Life: An Alchemist Novel
  6. Reminiscences of a stock operator Audiobook on YouTube
  7. Tribe of Mentors
  8. Chimp Paradox
  9. Risk Managment
  10. Way of the Turtle
  11. Trading Athlete
  12. Security Analysis by Benjamin Graham Audiobook on YouTube
  14. Dynamic Hedging Managing Vanilla and Exotic Options (O)
  15. Fooled by Randomness
  16. Making a Good Brain Great by Daniel Amen
  17. The Black Swan
  18. Power Cues
  19. The Science of Conjectire
  20. On the Shortness of Life
  21. Futures and Options Markets


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