Book: Trading Instincts

Book: Trading Instincts

Your intuition is only as good as the training it has received. Faith describes how important the training process is, especially in the early stages of a trader’s career. The trading principles learned need to be good as the outcome will only be as good as the foundation on which it is built. It is about feeding the right brain with enough of the requisite raw material to be able to make proper judgements; the instincts of the novice trader often being wrong. Faith highlights that mistakes will be made, but it is how they are programmed in the subconscious that stops the same mistakes happening again.

The book’s underlying message is that hard work has to be done in the early stages of a trading career and it is important short cuts are not taken for lessons to be truly learnt. One important quote from Faith is “the game taught me the game”. He suggests that you have to throw yourself into the market and that there is no substitute to learning how to become a Master trader other than to actually trade. Only by developing your instincts will you be able to recognise and execute good trading opportunities, and just as importantly, avoid bad opportunities.