Futures Day Trading Chat Room

Traderinput stands for a supportive Community. There are multiple reasons why Traderinput is called the industry leader but we think the key reason is the genuinely supportive Community between Traders. You can find our futures day trading chat room under discord.gg/wtdw5AB.



Join Our Trading Chat Room!

Do you have any questions? Are you a new learner looking to make friends? Or are you a trader who wants to geek out with other traders about markets?
For a long time, we debated whether to use Skype further like in the Futex days or to switch to Discord. Skype is well-known, has millions of users, and Discord seems to market towards gamers explicitly. However, if you can look past that, Discord is a phenomenal app for traders from around the globe.

Our chat server has lightning-fast switching between channels, whether text-based or voice-based. The voice-based channels make chatting with a large room of people super easy, and they even have a phenomenal screen broadcast feature that makes collaboration fast and simple.

Tech support is dead simple in the Traderinput server. We have a dedicated channel, you can simply go in there and ask your question and more often than not someone will have an answer. Is your question urgent or important? Just ping @support and one of our admin team will help you out as soon as they see it.

We have many channels like for indices, foreign exchange as well as special event channels like #Brexit or #FOMC. Focused on how to make the biggest profit.

Additionally we make sure your mind stays in a winning mind-set, focused on performing the best. A healthy mind is vital for long term success.

Discord is like a smaller Slack and Zoom combined into one App

If you don’t already know what Discord is, it’s a chat platform created a few years ago with the aim to bring a better chat client for gamers that is light wheight. People create servers to build a community around a mutual interest, which is why we began using it from the beginning. Discord can be even a better chat room than Skype sometimes. It feels more personal and simplistic, so it’s much easier to connect with the trader on the other end of the screen through Discord. In a nutshell, it’s a live action Twitter.

It is a professional trader community made by traders for traders with exclusive Resources.
We welcome anyone who is interested in trading short term or long term. It does not matter if you are a Beginner, a Prop Trader or Hedge Fund Manager, or just curious to join a community!! Everyone is welcome. Added with numerous bots making our lifes as traders as easy as possible.

How can we nurture an active and supportive community using a digital platform?

By bringing market moving news into our futures day trading chat room and user-generated content under one roof to give an equal playing field and single content stream.
Bringing macro news and discussion together under one roof to have a single discussion stream.
Giving traders extensive systems of tagging and discussing trade ideas.
Giving users easy systems of following and filtering content.
Rooted in an awareness of being part of a mutually supportive community founded on giving and taking.

How to Join our Day Trading Chat Room on Discord

If you do not already have a Discord account, then make one.
Go to discord.gg/wtdw5AB to join our server.
Once you have joined our server, go to the #announcements channel, to read the lastest news.
Now you can read and participate in channels like #newbies, so say hello and introduce yourself.
We can’t wait to meet you!


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