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Trading with Traderinput is about much more than just getting from level to level. Trading also means discovering new edges. Our Members program, offers you numerous privileges to make each one of your days in the markets even more enjoyable. Discover a new trading world with our member benefits.


€90.00 per Month

For those that have to have access.  


For Solo-Learners and Traders  

First Class

€495.00 per Month

For those that expect to be successful  

Honorary Circle

€1,999.00 per Month

Top-tier status  

The Basic

  • Once a Month Access to the famous Monthly Webinar.
  • Access to the Discord General Chat.

The Premium

  • Access to the Discord General Chat
  • Access to the News Squawk
  • Access to the Monthly Webinars and Recordings
  • Bi-Weekly Webinars
  • Special Event Preps

The First Class

  • VIP Group Classes
  • IT Support
  • Risk Managment
  • Weekly Webinars


  • Exclusive Meetings on Demand and in Person with Ilja once a month
  • IT Support 24/5
  • Access to external Research

The Traderinput Membership is without a doubt the most exclusive program. You receive the benefits and advantages that you expect.

I suggest to trade only with Traderinput. The service is extremely professional, and they are just being nice. They were ready to help with different options like remote Workstations, shipping out a Laptop, helping with positions underwater etc. I am really impressed with the service provided by Traderinput's Honorary Circle Membership. I became a Member in 2019 and appreciate all the efforts. Thanks Ilja for fueling my passion, I greatly appreciate your support and guidance.
Frank K.
Thoracic surgeon
I joined Traderinput in April 2018 and joined the personal training with the First Class Membership. The Traderinput portal has a large amount of teaching and supporting materials including recordings of past Webinar sessions to make the trader's life easier. The support of the Membership is truly first class. The one on one training is excellent and fully comprehensive. I was really impressed. The live trading sessions are also excellent, especially for the scalpers, where you can follow the exact trades made by the traders live.
Hans K.
executive Director