my first day

my first day

This was my first day with Ilja. He told and showed me a lot of things about the market:

  • Read the book “mind over markets”! – So I bought the kindle version and I am reading my first book in English
  • The real name of indices and why brokers name them in another way
  • how to stream my screen with OBS
  • the four majors of the market (XG, YM, ES, NQ)
  • which stocks are in the DAX and why
  • why my MT4 EA isn’t good enough
  • how to backtest with MT4 (tickdata!)
  • a lot of words which are used by traders
  • listen to the audio channel
    • they spoke about Trump and the Chinese
    • about the Brexit and the vote about the Brexit
    • a lot of background information
    • difficult to understand at the beginning, later in the evening much better
  • and to keep an eye an BUND to feel the breath of the market

Thanks for the time and for all the information .