Newsletter 1st in August 2019

Hey Traders,

Did you know that it’s actually more expensive to not have a mentor than it is to have one?

It’s true. Time is money, and if you’re wasting away, just aimlessly watching the screen 24/7 trying to get good at trading, you’re not being efficient with your money . I mean, don’t get me wrong – if you’re working consistently every week, you do deserve a pat on the back. 

But it’s often not enough. 

See, when it comes to trading, it’s far too easy to get caught up in confusion, and actually forming bad habits when you’re on your own. That’s where mentorship comes in. Mentors are there for you to save yourself time(in the form of cutting your learning curve in half, if not more), and therefore to save yourself money . All of us had at least one or even multiple mentors, and so we want to make sure the door is open for the next group of young folks.

Anyways, finding a mentor isn’t easy, and finding a goodone is even harder. That being said, I’d hope by now in our relationship you at least like us to some degree – but if you’ve been in search of mentorship or coaching and still aren’t 100% sure, we are hosting free coaching consultation calls. If you’re a good fit to work with us and getting funded by us, whether that’s in the form of a bootcamp or Skype coaching, great. If not, you’ll still get some value out of the call, and we can hopefully point you in the right direction for your goals.

Therefore, try to connect get a trader and find a time that fits for you.

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