2 Day Bootcamp


2 Day Bootcamp



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Traderinput Group’s collective experience enables us to educate,
coach and support those individuals who are determined to
secure a new career in trading. In order to achieve this
objective we train people to trade consistently profitably,
irrespective of market conditions.

Trading is a serious career choice so we
take our training very seriously. Our training programmes
have been tried, tested and refined, and we are justifiably
proud of them. If you would like to change your life by
becoming a professional trader then we can help you.

Our 2-day Trading Bootcamp has been designed with one clear objective in mind – to make you into a better trader.

Over the two days, seminars will be delivered on Demand on a range of essential subjects including:

– Introduction to Financial Markets
– Fundamental Analysis
– Technical Analysis
– Trading Psychology
– Trading Approach
– Risk Management
– Post-course Mentoring

Following your 2-day training programme you will be mentored and coached online by experienced traders/trainers
to reach your full potential. You will enjoy the benefit of live mentoring sessions with experienced, live traders to
give you the chance to uncover just how the professionals do it.

Day 1 involves a broad range of subjects and teaching
methods including:
– Trading as a Business
– Introduction to Financial Markets
– Cash versus Futures market
– Which market(s) to trade and why?
– Fundamental Analysis
– Market Sentiment
– The key Economic Indicators and how to read them
– Technical Analysis – how Futex’s traders use it

Day 2 focuses on applying the principles from day 1 to real
trading situations. The day will cover:
– Spread betting
– Trading Approach
– Entry and exit
– Risk and stop management
– Demo and Live Trading
– Trading Psychology
– Goal Setting and Objectives
– Mentoring Process

For further information or if you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us.
Info@Traderinput.com or Info@Futexglobal.com

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