Trading is a career in which elite levels of performance are required on a daily basis. Only with an ability to rise to this challenge daily, will a trader have a chance of competing with the broad array of market participants whose objective it is to win the daily trading game. For novice traders beginning their trading education, one of the keys to success is an ability to obtain sufficient experience to be able to compete. In our view, the most effective method of achieving this is to undertake an intensive trading education programme, delivered by experienced individuals, in a professional environment and to be as heavily involved in the markets as possible.

However, on common barrier to attaining this requisite experience, which we are repeatedly confronted is the human ego. The ego or self-image exists internally beneath the overt, external constructs of intelligence and emotion. This is not the true self but an image that is created and evolves from birth as a result of the influence of, and interactions with, among other things, our family, teachers, friends, and colleagues. Because the ego is not the true individual, it is a very fragile creation that requires constant approval. Whereas our support network would provide this for us in most career pursuits, trading is very different. It comes as a rude awakening to most new traders that there is little, if any, approval and reassurance from the markets during the steep, initial learning curve. If this is what is sought, then most commonly, fear, self-doubt, and anxiety are the emotional responses experienced. The result is that individuals lose the confidence to trade correctly and, based upon the genetic response to flee that which causes us pain, ultimately, flee the industry.


TraderInput.com assists in overcoming this barrier by providing positive, constructive and individual feedback on a regular basis. We identify tangible, objective performance criteria which can be used to gauge progress. This circumvents the need to market/P&L generated reassurance and ensures that even the most inexperienced of traders have a gilt-edged opportunity to forge a career as a consistently profitable trader.