Traderinput Trading Training (TTT)

An intensive, 12-52 week futures trading education with one objective – to make you into a profitable futures trader.

Learn to trade

You will undertake an intensive, hands-on futures trading education, delivered by experienced, professional trainers and traders. The Traderinput Trading Training Programme will include:

  • Classroom-on-Demand based training and trading floor simulator trading
  • Cash and Derivative Markets
  • Macroeconomics
  • Technical Analysis
  • Trading Psychology
  • How to trade the Market Depth
  • Price Action, Volume and Order Flow
  • Money Management

You will have access to our private Chat Room with traders at which you  will learn to trade the global financial markets with consistency,  control and precision. You will be mentored and coached by experienced traders and trainers to reach your full potential, and enjoy the benefit of dedicated sessions with experienced, live traders to give you the chance to uncover
just how (especially our) professionals do it.

How does a Trading Education look like?

Mile stone 1

  • Intro (here)
  • Theory and Background (here)
  • Monetary Policy, Indicators, Marcoeconomics
  • Technical Analsis
  • Psychology

Mile stone 2

  • Sim Trading and Price Action
  • Managed Sim Trading

Mile stone 3

  • Trading Strategy development and execution

Mile stone 4

  • Going LIVE

Mile stone 1&2 first 6-8 Weeks
Mile stone 3&4 the following 14-16 Weeks

Mile stone 5

  • Be a Rainmaker

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– Damage Control

-How to not seek personal validation from the market