Code of Conduct

Here are a mandatory set of rules outlining the minimum standards, and is designed to ensure a professional working environment for you at the prop shop or at home
  • Be at your desk to do your prep. at least 30 min. before your market opens
  • Be at your desk and fully prepared at least 10 min. before any scheduled economic news events. During important events e.g. Central bank press conferences you must remain at your desk
  • You must not leave working orders in the market whilst not at your desk – open positions must have stop orders in
  • Dont talk over the news squawk
  • Dont talk immediately prior to r during an economic figure realease
  • Daily Stop Limits are not to be traded through. It is your responsibility to stop trading at your stop limit
  • Keep your trading desk and the surrounding area clean
  • Dress code is buiness or business casual!