First Micro Scalping Drills

First Day of Micro Scalping Training


  • The one Tick Drill
    • Objective: You’re one and only objective is to place trades in order to make only 1 tick out of the product.
    • Duration: at least one full Session
    • Trading Enviroment: prefered Simulator
    • Markets:
      • choose a very liquid and thick market
      • EU Session: Eurostoxx 50 (EX#; FGSX) or Bund (BD#, FGBL)
      • US Session: 10 year Tnote or ES_F
    • Clip Size: 2 contracts
    • Daily Limit (risk): 600 Euro
    • Target: 600 Euro
    • Learning Outcome:
      • This exercise will eforce you to pay attention to every nuance in the market depth (level2)  on the DOM (Price Ladder).
      • PAy special attention to where the real buyers and sellers interact i.e. levels of engagement.
      • Do not be concerned if you do not reach your target or if your daily risk limit.
    • Debrief:
      • Record your findings
      • what worked and what didnt work?
      • What was your thought process?
      • How will you improve?