What’s wrong with cryptocurrency trading systems?

We get it every day:
We get asked by traders what’s wrong with their cryptocurrency trading systems?
Most of these traders are losing money… or their wins are too small to be worth their time and energy.

And their “reason why” almost always boils down to the same thing:

They’re trading a 21st-Century market – Cryptocurrencies – with indicators created last century:

  • Moving Averages (created in 1901)…
  • MACD (1978)…
  • Momentum (1978)…
  • And Bollinger Bands (1988).

No way I’m trading a hot market – invented 9 years ago – with primitive indicators invented in the 1900’s!
Even worse – These primitive indicators are lagging indicators. What’s wrong with that?

Lagging indicators tell you where the market’s been… not where it’s going. It’s like handing you yesterday’s newspaper… and expecting you to make money from it. And especially with a sentiment driven market.

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