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LIVE Futures market commentary upto 4 times daily guiding new and experienced traders through the trading day.

Training programmes from beginner to experienced

Our Trading Training programmes have been painstakingly developed for years by a mixture of successful traders, experienced academics and high performance coaches.

Every element has been designed with once clear objective in mind – to train individuals to trade futures consistently, such that they can pursue a career as a successful professional trader.

We have a range of courses to suit your needs.
Available direct to your home or from the Trading Floor.

On Demand Training
learn from Home

In todays world we are truly connected at the touch of a button. Traderinput have embraced this and created a unique technologically advanced way of learning.

Wherever you are, whatever your schedule, it shouldn’t prevent you from pursuing your dream of becoming a consistent trader.
With our “Classroom on Demand” you can choose a time, place and pace that suits you with access to hours of training videos covering topics ranging from Macro Economic theory to Fundamental Analysis to Market Profile, Advance Charting, Price Ladder Training and much more.

Daily Live Streams
Prep and Review

Stay in touch with the ever moving, ever evolving markets.

Delivered live from our Trading Floor throughout the Trading Day & Night join us and prepare for the trading day ahead.
Technical Analysis covering Bonds, Equities, Forex and Commodities.

Fundamental Analysis of the major marker moving events from Central Banks to Daily figures.

Never feel left behind, out of the loop or at a disadvantage.


Technical Analysis Symbol

Technical Analysis

At Traderinput we teach you a technical approach that is immersed in real live price activity and volume analysis. Our foundation of training is built upon Market profile theory, chart patterns, volume and footprint analysis with real price flows.
Algorithmic Trading Symbol

Algorithmic Systems Trading

The scientific approach to trading. Backtesting, forward testing and objectively validating ideas. Based in Europe, our quant team are on hand to assist traders from all backgrounds, from beginner to experienced.
Fundamental Analysis

Fundamental Analysis

Traderinput mentors and traders have a wealth of experience in fundamental analysis. Whether it is the 1987 stock market crash or the interpretation of Central Bank speak our mentors have seen it all and are on hand to explain what this could mean for the current market prices.
Trading Performance Symbol

Trading Performance

Don’t just wonder how you’re performing - plan, execute, evaluate - keep your trading performance on track. Our risk and performance analysts can optimise your trading by reviewing your statistics and helping you identify your strengths and weaknesses.
Market Data Symbol

Market Data Trading

With daily economic data releases and big event risk a trader should be prepared for all eventualities. Traderinput Mentors and traders specialise in this area and are well equipped to pass years of powerful trading knowledge to any trader to enhance their trading.
Money Management Symbol

Money Management

There are many things you can’t control about the markets, but you can have a money management strategy to help you ride the waves. At Traderinput we understand that this is an integral skill for all traders. Without it failure is guaranteed as trading profits are frittered away and good ideas are not rewarded.
Risk Managment Symbol

Risk Management

Trading involves substantial financial risk. Without the appropriate risk framework a trader will not give themselves enough time to learn the necessary skills to trade and become a consistent trader. All traders have losing trades, but proper risk management can help protect your capital.
Price Ladder Symbol

Price Ladder

The price ladder is Traderinputs most valuable edge. The price ladder is the purest form of the market and illustrates the depth of market. All other trading tools and indicators are derived from the price action on the ladder. Accelerate your learning from our high performing traders on how they interpret price action and the patterns of the market to execute on our setups.


At Traderinput we are dedicated to deliver the very best in investment & trading opportunities to those who are serious about their performance and development.
The unequivocal objective of Traderinput is to train individuals to trade consistently.
Building on the success of a leading Proprietary Trading and Investment House that provides individuals with successful trading careers. A cutting edge, fully interactive online trader-knowledge portal, developed by traders for traders. We provide world class live market analysis, trade setups, trader mentoring and trader talent scouting for financial backing. Traderinput trader education programs are the most innovative in the industry for rapid trader development. All Traderinput contributors trade daily in the live markets. They are professional career traders financially backed.


To watch our daily technical and fundamental briefings visit our Live Terminal page. If you are not signed in then the membership registration page will prompt you. See the schedule for details of our next live broadcast.
For access to our traders videos, research, market preparation, Pattern Plays and price ladder tutorials navigate to the Archive and select Trader Setup. You can access individual traders research and videos by selecting the traders’ name in the Archive.

Use the Search tab to explore our archive of videos and articles on specific topics. The Learning Modules area is for new traders to learn the tools and techniques we use to produce successful traders.

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Theodor T.

My experience with Traderinput has been a pleasant one thus far. I am new here but must say that the personnel has been very professional. The admin have been very helpful, friendly, encouraging and communicative. I would definitely recommend you guys to anyone looking to take control of their financial freedom.

Ray S.

I was very pleased with your service. The course was very well rounded. The team was very nice and respectful. Made me feel like trainers really care in a situation I was. I appreciate your help and support.

Natascha O.

I have been with Traderinput for just over a year now, after signing up with other coursesin the past I find Iljas team to be outstanding. The staff here are very helpful and friendly and were always happy to help with any questions or queries I had. I couldn’t be more happy and be thankfull especially to Oscar who works in the spanish office.

If anyone is looking for a professional trading office then TI is the Corp for you 🙂

Anthony C.

My wife and me have been impressed with the professionalism, and maybe more importantly, the personalization I have received from Traderinput’s Education, especially and many thanks to Ilja and Moritz. I have had questions–they answered them. I have had really bad trades and they patiently helped me through the hiccups to close in profit. I stopped believing in myself but they picked me up and supported me till the end.

Mario G.

Ilja and Traderinput’s team provide an amazing rounded service. Their follow through, attention to detail and ability to find solutions for trainees is simply remarkable.
I highly recommend their service and believe that if you have an interest in financial markets, you must give them a call and obtain a trial his team will provide. Take action today!

Holger J.

This was a great Bootcamp and the instructor was fun and easy to listen to. He gave great examples and the thought processes behind the information. Highly recommended to beginners and advanced traders.

Doug H

I have been using Traderinput Education for my continuing professional education for over two years now. Each lecture I have taken has been excellent. There are a wide variety of topics to choose from and to participate in, all of which are up to date and evidence based. The trainers and traders are experts in the specialty area they present. The live trading events are professionally done with excellent graphics and videos to enhance learning. The trainee service staff are amazingly helpful and rapidly respond to and resolve any issues that arise, which have been minimal. The cost for the course is extremely reasonable. Excellent all around. Glad I met you guys.

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