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    Technical Analysis Symbol

    Technical Analysis

    At Traderinput we teach you a technical approach that is immersed in real live price activity and volume analysis. Our foundation of training is built upon Market profile theory, chart patterns, volume and footprint analysis with real price flows.
    Algorithmic Trading Symbol

    Algorithmic Systems Trading

    The scientific approach to trading. Backtesting, forward testing and objectively validating ideas. Based in Europe, our quant team are on hand to assist traders from all backgrounds, from beginner to experienced.
    Fundamental Analysis

    Fundamental Analysis

    Traderinput mentors and traders have a wealth of experience in fundamental analysis. Whether it is the 1987 stock market crash or the interpretation of Central Bank speak our mentors have seen it all and are on hand to explain what this could mean for the current market prices and how you can profit from this.
    Trading Performance Symbol

    Trading Performance

    Don’t just wonder how you’re performing - plan, execute, evaluate - keep your trading performance on track. Our risk and performance analysts can optimise your trading by reviewing your statistics and helping you identify your strengths and weaknesses.
    Market Data Symbol

    Market Data Trading

    With daily economic data releases and big event risk a trader should be prepared for all eventualities. Traderinput Mentors and traders specialise in this area and are well equipped to pass years of powerful trading knowledge to any trader to enhance their trading.
    Money Management Symbol

    Money Management

    There are many things you can’t control about the markets, but you can have a money management strategy to help you ride the waves. At Traderinput we understand that this is an integral skill for all traders. Without it failure is guaranteed as trading profits are frittered away and good ideas are not rewarded.
    Risk Managment Symbol

    Risk Management

    Trading involves substantial financial risk. Without the appropriate risk framework a trader will not give themselves enough time to learn the necessary skills to trade and become a highly profitable and consistent trader. All traders have losing trades, but correct risk reward ensures protection of a traders capital.
    Price Ladder Symbol

    Price Ladder

    The price ladder is TI's most valuable edge in executing high probability trade setups. The price ladder is the purest form of the market and illustrates the depth of market. All other trading tools and indicators are derived from the price action on the ladder. Accelerate your learning from our high performing traders on how they interpret price action and the patterns of the market to execute profitable setups.

    About Traderinput

    At Traderinput we are dedicated to deliver the very best in investment & trading opportunities to those who are serious about their performance and development. The unequivocal objective of Traderinput is to train individuals to trade consistently profitably.

    • Back to Success for Experienced Traders

      Traderinput can offer the experienced trader full one on one training. Whether the trader is having a difficult time, has been away from the market or just wants to…

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    • Payment Tool

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    • Risk Manager

      after a few discussions, we are launching a new Product. your own on demand risk manager for external traders, weekly briefing of your performance and risk assessment. Are you…

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    • Scalping Algo1 Alpha

      You want to get an short term ExpertAdvisor to use big size with small risk? Algo1 is the best Scalping Algo with the most easiest use. Extremely powerful and…

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